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The Rules - READ THIS FIRST 27 May 2011 12:44 #275

I am glad to promote your sale of parts or vehicles for free but you need to provide some stuff in order to help you sell it! This also applies to anyone posting a link to a car or parts for sale. Failure to follow the rules will lead to your listing being deleted.

- please provide photos! (this is a MUST!) Listings without photos will be deleted.

You can upload photos to image hosting sites like


for free and insert the forum code in here.

Image insertion is easy. The image hosts named above provide the code. Choose the BBCODE option, which looks like this:

Start a new thread for your car, use the title to describe what it is (year, car, model, style, price). Use the PREVIEW button to ensure you got it right before posting

These are mandatory:

- Informative title. Use this format "Model, Year, Location, Price" ie "VW Passat 1973 in Australia $300" in the subject line up top. This makes it easier to locate for casual readers. No need to say FOR SALE because duh, you're already in the for sale section.

- Photos (and post detailed shots too)

- Price$$$$!

- Description of goods: what are you selling, what condition are they in? age? Please be specific, and no TXTSPK or slang. Google checks this site daily and spreads these listings across the world. Maximise your audience by being coherent. People using Google Translate will be able to read your advertisement too!

- Will you post/what are the shipping options?

- Contact details; email address? Phone number? How would you like to be contacted?

Don't just dump a link or listing and run! This isn't Yellow Pages; it's a community for B1 and B2 owners, and this section is for those wanting to find cars and parts. No spam. If you dump/spam, your listing will be removed. If you continue to spam, you will be banned. Please, have some courtesy.

There are not many rules here but the few that are here are for a reason.

The clearer you are, the more interest you will get. And the further it will get, via Google and other search engines and websites.

FYI - Just in case anyone is mistaken:

This is not a car dealership website! I do not own all these cars or parts!

I search many car sales, forums and other websites looking for B1's and B2's for sale. I post the ads and links to the original ads. I do not offer any kind of warranty or guarantee on any of the ads, and none should be assumed or implied. These ads are placed without bias and buyer beware! Do your own due diligence when buying a car. :) I am merely replicating whatever was said in the original ad, on here.

If you have any issues with the car or part you purchased, you need to take it up with the actual seller. The link to the original ad can be found in the thread for the car or part listed on VWDasher.com. This website is not liable at all for your purchases.
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