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Are you a B1 fan?

This site is all for you. If you are seeking spare parts, assistance with your B1 or B2, or perhaps just wanting to find out more, then you're at the right place. is a site devoted to the B1; a car built by Audi for VAG, and sold as the Audi Fox/80 and the VW Passat (aka the Dasher in North America). The first generation arrived in 1972 and the last one rolled off the production line in 1981. The B1 predates the Mk 1 Golf/Rabbit. It was a sporty car in its day and a fun, stylish yet quirky car today. The VW B2 was known as the Passat, the Santana and the Quantum in North America. There are B1 and B2 fans all over the world. Register for the site today, and talk to some fellow fans!

If you're looking to buy or sell a used B1 or B2 parts or cars, register for free and join us on the Message Board. Tell us about your car and you. Going to a car show with your car? Share your experiences!

Got scans of B1/B2 brochures, photos, manuals etc? Excellent, get in touch! We've got quite a back catalogue and are always looking for more.  Scans need to be large and legible. Each page should be at least 1000 pixels wide.

There's also a detailed log of the restoration of my facelift 1979 Passat, if you're interested.




Are you searching for a B1 to buy, or parts? Need some help with your car? Tech advice? Go to the forum right now and check out the For Sale section.




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