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Here's some notes of work done along the way:

December 2008

Got into some of the wiring yesterday.

What an oddball!

Mostly it's the same as a '77 Golf.

The ignition switch was stuffed and wouldn't power up the "ON" circuits. The RACV had wired IGN power from the RHS headlight parker circuit to make get it home and the owners had left it that way. This meant that you needed to have the parkers on to run the car. I pulled the switch apart and was able to adjust the contacts and get it going properly. GAP has new ones, I'll get one on the next order.

The dash blower fan had siezed leading to various parts of the loom having a melt down including the pin in the back of the fusebox and one of the 3 way connectors under the dash. I had a spare blower so I bench tested it and re-lubed its bearings before installing it. There's still some wiring to fix but if I hot wire the switch I get all 3 speeds working properly now.

The fuse box had some of the fuse connectors soldered together for some strange reason. Probably to provide more current to the siezed dash fan. I removed all of that nonsense and cleaned all the fuse terminals.

The car still had all of it's glowplug circuitry all in place including the relay and holder. I've removed most of that wiring now.

Also removed driving lights and associated wiring cables and switches as well as the dodgy horn relay setup. I'll re-do a relay setup if needed.

The engine fan wiring is spectacular! There's a relay on there wired in such a way that once the fan comes on it stays on - Forever! (or at least until the battery goes flat!) Why don't people just replace the temp switch?

Got the oil pressure switch working and cleaned up a heap of other wiring.

This is the main lead from the alternator to the battery. I guess someone had hacked an ammeter into circuit and later taken it out. This is what I found under the tape. Nice Huh?

Frank's electrical mess

How old is this ignition module? 6 digit phone number?! Still works. It uses a photo interupter setup in the dizzy. - Old Skool!

Frank's electrical mess


Frank's electrical mess

Fan relay wired by moron.

Frank's electrical mess

That fuel filter is going, I've got an electric pump looking for a new home and I'll relocate the filter to before the pump, probably under the car somewhere. All of the fuel hoses and clamps will get replaced as I work my way through the engine bay.

There's a lot of things in this car that aren't terribly well thought out (to say the least) that fuel filter is high on the list.


Frank stagnated in the driveway for a few months, but by June 2009 we were back at work on him.

The next thing to do is start on the body work.

It's currently wearing the BBS wheels off our old e30 BMW but apart from that not much has changed.

We finally have tail lights for it after a 6 month global hunt, it was looking like mission impossible there for a while.

There's also a lot of little bits and pieces accumulating on the shelf for it and there's some bits for it in the stuff that 's just arrived from the US.

I suspect I'm going to have to replace the rear beam. It looks like one rear wheel has a lot of camber. It's the wheel that was hit and the run out checks out OK. An earlier Passat one should fit and let me get rid of the Nissan rear brakes too. I'll have to get under there with a straight edge and see what's bent.


We started work on the dented quarter panel replacement in August 2009.

We then did the rust repairs/sanding/filling/prepping for paint in September 2009.

By October 2009 we were ready for painting.

We screwed the last bits back on the car the night before the VW club show November 2009 and rolled him onto the trailer.

After leaving his paintwork for 6 weeks, I spent a month of weekends and weeknights hand sanding him with 1500 grit paper, then we started polishing. Which is unfinished at present. It's hard work getting a mirror finish!

Next up - replacing the non VW brakes. We're going to put Mk3 Golf discs on the back and Mk1 GTI discs on the front. And I picked up some Audi alloys from a 1989 80 model, which will go onto Frank and look spiffy. The BBS's and steelies he's worn are borrowed from other cars.

Also needed - more TLC to the engine bay. At the moment after 5 minutes Frank runs very hot. We've got a new radiator to swap into there, plus another close look at the wiring required. The fan may not be kicking in.

Down the track once the money's there - reskinning a dashboard, retrimming the carpet, door skins and seat covers in the same look but new fabrics.

First to straighten out the brakes and engine bay and get the car registered and back on the road!



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