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Someone along the way had cut some speaker holes in Frank's rear deck, so we decided to use those to place some new speakers. And fit a new head unit to the dash.

Frank and his new stereo

Thanks to the wonders of Ebay, I picked up a lovely Clarion CZ500 cheap. I wanted a unit with a rear USB cable so it was easy yet discreet to pop in a memory stick full of music at any time. As you can see, we haven't put the glovebox back in yet.


Frank and his new stereo

Frank will go to a motor trimmers in a few months to have his interior redone in grey, so we made some temporary speaker housings. As the rear shelf/deck is not flat and has that step in it, we had to carve the surrounds out of some MDF and shape them to fit.


Frank and his new stereo

Some frontrunner to neaten up the shelf and the speakers are in. They come with grills, but we'll put those in when the interior is finished as they generally don't handle being installed, removed and reinstalled.  Great sound now! Although I think we'll line some of the boot lid with Dynamat for even better sound.


We also did some work on the front end. The VW horns are not terribly loud or scary sounding, and I worry someone might hit Frank. So we installed some new horns:

Frank and his new airhorns

These sound like a freight train, they blast a four trumpet note. It's quite amazing stuff!


Frank and his new airhorns

And discreet; you can barely tell they're there.


Frank and his new airhorns

One tank chock full (120psi) of toot!



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