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We painted Frank in Oct-Nov 09 and have only now finished buffing the paintjob all over. And it looks pretty spiffy! :)

Just in time for the Day of the VW, we reassembled the underside of Frank's dash. The sections came with Frank when we picked him up, but I get the feeling they had been left off of him for some time. His dashboard had a large crack through it, and the hinge was damaged too. Plus as he had had the aftermarket air conditioning installed under the dash, the person doing the installing had sliced things up. Earlier we had welded back in the fusebox bracket that had been cut out to make room for the aircon. In order to mount the glovebox, we needed a whole hinge (thanks to Tonyaudifox for getting us one of those). And the stud the glovebox is fixed to was missing, and needed to be replaced.

But now all those bits are there, and Frank is intact!

Polishing and Preparing Frank

Polishing and Preparing Frank

We found an intact glovebox in a 1979 Audi Fox. It's ok that it's black, though, as eventually we'll get the dash reskinned in black and it will all match then,

Frankl's interior needs some loving, but for now, I have a VW mat for the boot:

Polishing and Preparing Frank

Taken from a 1997 Vento and cut down to size, this mat  has a circular cardboard backing to sit over Frank's spare wheel. And it's a good thick piece of carpet/matting, not the cheap felt mat some lower spec VW's of the nineties got.

When Frank arrived, he had a louvre on the back window. And ever since I have been scrubbing the back glass to get rid of a hazy smear. 30 years of collecting dirty and dust didn't help.

Polishing and Preparing Frank

This is after several cleans with Shower Power and Polyglaze.


Polishing and Preparing Frank

And this is after a clean with Duragloss Nu Glass. The haze is finally gone! This is after an initial clean on the outside, by hand. On the weekend I'll employ a buffing wheel to both sides, but so far I am pleased. The whitish haze is finally going!


Polishing and Preparing Frank

Also coated his bonnet with Auto Glym's waxing compound.


Polishing and Preparing Frank

Once I finish polishing his sides with Resin Polish, I'll do the rest of the car in this product. It's meant to give the surface a waxy coating for extra protection. And with red paint I can use all the help I can get!


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