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The petrol tank had been removed before we started painting. It had 30 years of dirt on it, so it got a good scrubbing before it was refitted:

Reassembling a B1 Passat


Next up - front indicators. These are new ones as one of the old ones was cracked:

Reassembling a B1 Passat


Next up - one boot, two taillights and rear bumper. And a DASHER badge, for fun:

Reassembling a B1 Passat


And now the bonnet, windshield, front grills and bumper:

Reassembling a B1 Passat


Things we did to Frank that weekend:

  • Screen in
  • Bled brakes
  • Bonnet on
  • Boot on
  • Gutter trim on
  • Bumper trim on
  • all door handles fitted
  • Rain tray guard painted and fitted
  • MK2 wheels put on.
  • wiper motor lubed up and back in.
  • Fuel tank back in
  • New underbody fuel lines. (Had to make a reducer too)
  • tail lights in.
  • Door rubbers back in
  • Boot rubbers back in
  • Boot wiring re-instated
  • replace one rounded brake bleeder nipple
  • repair/replace damage chrome trim on passenger window.
  • Fitted NOS mirrors
  • Fitted sun visors and mirror.
  • Most of the door cards are back in.
  • re-wired engine fan and tested
  • Put fuel in tank and started car.
  • Assembled console
  • Fitted interior light
  • New bonnet cable
  • Red seat covers
  • Cleaned and fitted coolant recovery tank
  • Cut a piece of carpet for rear deck.
  • Vacuumed
  • Amouralled
  • Boot badges painted and fitted

Even the boot lock has a story.

We've got a couple of NOS ones but they're for earlier models, naturally this lock is a one year only part!

Gaskets for the lock are of course impossible to find so we dropped in to Bunnings (hardware chain) with the lock and scoured the plumbing aisles. We came up trumps with a suitable washer from a tap (faucet) body.

That lowest lip was meant to have a chin spoiler on it. Only sections of it were left on Frank, it was very fragile and dry and a lot had been broken off. Finding a new one is near impossible. But we would find or make an alternative eventually. For now, we wanted to get Frank back together so that we could tow him to the annual Day of the Volkswagen show so we used some tape to make a 'spoiler'.

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